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University: : The University of Texas at Dallas
Current City: : Dallas, TX
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University:  The University of Texas at Dallas

Current City: Dallas, TX


Vivian Phan is a Marketing Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. Vivian is expecting to graduate from The University of Texas at Dallas with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Admin this December 2020. She is always looking for opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally!

 Prior to switching to the Real Estate industry, Vivian was working toward her Radiology Technologist degree, where she quickly realized that the medical field was not where her passions lay. She watched a lot of HGTV when she was younger, pushing her to develop a passion for interior design, architecture, and real estate. In her mind, her dad was the original Property Brothers, knocking down walls and raising the ceilings was a common occurrence. She grew up seeing the potential in all homes, and having an artistic background gives her an edge when it comes to presenting a property in its best possible light to attract maximum interest. Vivian understands that real estate transactions are one of the biggest decisions in a client’s life, and it would be a true privilege to one day represent and guide clients through major milestones in their lives. 

 Though Vivian has not had previous experience in the real estate industry, aside from RE courses, she has been an active member of the UT Dallas’ Real Estate Club to expose herself to new learning and networking opportunities. She was able to meet and connect with many KW professionals, and even had a wonderful opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving’s Potluck with them in 2019! Since then, she has been working toward becoming a part of the KW’s family.

 Currently, she is studying for her Texas licensing exam while interning for KW Commercial with Russell. She hopes to make the most out of this internship to learn and contribute, gain experience, connect, and further explore the real estate industry. She also aims to gain the knowledge needed to own investment properties in her near future. Her biggest motivation is to fulfill her dad’s dream of retirement. Her dad enjoys socializing over coffee by day and beer by night with family, friends, and neighbors. Vivian's hope is to contribute financially so that he can travel back and forth between the U.S. and Vietnam to enjoy his retirement

 In her free time, Vivian enjoys hosting game nights, taking photos, creating arts, cooking, and going on spontaneous adventures. All in all, Vivian aims to become a strong and well-rounded individual who balances it all - work, family, and friends. Most importantly, she aims to maintain a sense of appreciation for what she has and strives to give back to others by becoming a positive force in their lives.

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University: : Tulane University
Current City: : New Orleans
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Suzy is a Marketing Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. As an undergraduate student, Suzy is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Tulane University, and she will be graduating in May of 2021.

Suzy is currently an Administrative Aide and Social Media Intern at Tulane Pre-College Program. There she studies design graphics, caption creating, and social media analysis. Suzy manages the social media accounts, and answers phone calls and emails from parents to help them in the application process for the program.

During her summer in Vietnam, she volunteered as a Teaching Assistant for the Education Center of Children with Disabilities. Through her experience, she learned to communicate in sign language and also guided the students to do handcrafted jewelry as an after school activities for them. She got to experience a different type of language that helped her to see the students’ perspective and understand them a little more.

At Tulane, she is involved with Tulane University Vietnamese Association, Tulane for UNICEF, and Global Ambassador where she got to meet many different people from variety of backgrounds. She joined these student organizations to find her culture or community, but in the end, she found family in her group of friends through these organizations. Being in these student organizations helped her to build leadership as well as public speaking skills.

During her free time, Suzy likes to watch dramas and listen to true crime. She enjoys listening to podcasts about truecrime  and watching dramas that are either extremely funny or extremely sad. During the quarantine period, she got to master lots of different foods since she had so much free time to cook. She also loves to do DIY projects and handcrafted jewelry.