University: : Tulane University
Current City: : New Orleans

Noah Staffa is a Valuations Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. He is originally from Westport, CT and is currently a senior at Tulane University.

At Tulane, Noah is majoring in Economics, with minors in Public Health and Philosophy. He takes pride in having a diverse education, and has interests that span multiple disciplines. Upon graduation, Noah is moving to Rochester, NY to specialize and get a Master’s in Finance from Simon Business School at the University of Rochester.

Before interning with Russell, Noah was a Small Business Ecosystem Intern at the New Orleans Business Alliance, which is the official economic development organization of New Orleans. There, he managed multiple databases, tracking the information of Small Businesses in the New Orleans area, as well as financial institutions and technical assistance providers. Noah has a strong interest in small businesses, their development, and what makes them succeed.

Noah also interned at Americares in Stamford, CT. Americares is a non-profit organization that provides medical equipment and assistance to areas that are either effected by natural disasters or are in need of healthcare. Noah worked on the Monitoring and Evaluation team, where he helped analyze results from the 2018 Health Coaching Study, and presented potential initiatives for maternal healthcare in Liberia to the organization.

Noah’s interests outside of academics and internships include basketball and guitar. Noah has been playing basketball for most of his life. In High School, he played for the Staples Wreckers in Westport, CT, and continues to play casually at Tulane. He also has been playing guitar since he was in the second grade, and loves to spend time playing music with family and friends.

In the future, Noah hopes to complete his Master’s program at Simon, and acquire a job in New York as a Financial Analyst. He also has an interest in Venture Capital, and hopes to one day become a part of a venture capital firm. Noah loves being part of a team, and hopes to become a strong member of Valuations.