Sambo (Sam) Chakrabarti is currently a Valuation Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. Sam attends the Boston University Questrom School of Business where he is studying Finance and Accounting. Sam was born and raised in Boston MA and has always had a passion to simply learn more. He loves meeting new people to discuss these ideas and aspires to learn more about how principles he learns in classwork and how they apply to the real world! 

     In school, Sam is also a member of many prominent clubs at Boston University. He is currently a senior analyst at BU's Finance and Investment Club which has an endowment of about $800,000. There he leads a team of 12-15 Junior Analysts to Pitch stocks in various Finance sectors in accordance to GICS. He has used many of the methodologies that the valuation team uses such as Comparable Companies and Discounted Cash Flows with the difference being a valuation of public companies in the context of the club. Sam is also a board member of BU's Lock Honorary Service Society. As the Events and Tutoring chair, he Plans out and coordinates service, professional, and social events for the 50 club tutors and board members. He also runs exam review sessions for students in Finance, Accounting, Statistics, and Business Ethics classes. Finally, Sam is a member of the BU Financial Modeling club which is a great way to practice many Excel skills. 

     Regarding prior work experience, Sam has worked in various companies ranging from large to small companies. Sam has worked at Fidelity Investments at the FFIO division giving him a unique perspective of a large company. Sam has also worked in the Venture Capital Community with his time at Banyan Tree Capital LLC in Boston which gave him experience with the Entrepreneurial side of investing in startups. Sam has also worked at New York Life and has served as a teaching assistant for various classes at BU.

      In his free time, Sam loves to pick up coding skills, read about investing strategies that exist in stock markets, the real estate market, and various other mediums. He is a big chess enthusiast and has been learning the piano and speak French as well. Sam is also an avid Boston Sports fan. So much that he has started a blog called "The Outfield Outlet" which reports on Sports around the Boston area.

      Combining all of these aforementioned interests and skills have made Sam an inquisitive person that is always yearning to learn more. Knowing "just enough" doesn't satisfy him and he always tries to think about and question the work that is assigned to him and how it pertains to the bigger picture of its intention.