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University: : Loyola University New Orleans
Current City: : New Orleans

Alyssa Galindo – Marketing Team “Marketing Intern”


My name is Alyssa Galindo and I am a Marketing Intern for Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate and Russell Bernstein CBI Business Broker. I am a sophomore at Loyola University New Orleans. My major is International Business and I am also minoring in Entrepreneurship. I hope to one day be a senior partner at a commercial real estate firm, focusing on leadership and teamwork.

            I previously interned abroad at Governor’s Palace Restaurant on the Caribbean island of Roatan, Honduras. During this internship I was the Assistant to the Food and Beverage Manager for approximately 5 weeks. My responsibilities included, daily huddles with waiters to go over goals and objectives for that day, interpreting weekly accounting information, and also helping out a little in the kitchen! My most valuable takeaway from that experience was that customer service is key to having a successful business with steady clientele. However, learning how to make salsa was pretty valuable too!

            Serving is something that has always been very important to me and from the time I was a kid my mom taught me the importance of serving others. I am actually a student leader for Baptist Collegiate Ministries (BCM) at Loyola and Tulane University. My tasks include mentoring underclassmen and upperclassmen on healthy life goals. In 2019, BCM took a trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico and I was lucky enough to be part of that team trip. We served and taught in children’s day camps and made some pretty amazing long-lasting relationships.

            Growing up in Roatan, everyone seemed to just know how to play volleyball, so I joined the volleyball team when I was in middle school. Once I was in high school I decided to leave volleyball and pursue something I was more passionate about, that being dance. I became involved in the ballet-Hebrew dance ministry at my church.  We had practice once a week for about 2 to three hours. Every song that was sang in our church had a dance to accompany it, and we had the task of developing the routines and moves on our own. Teamwork and good leaders were the only possible ways we were so good at what we did.

            As for my personal interests, I am still energetic and athletic, so I enjoy training my family and friends to help them reach their fitness goals. I also enjoy cooking in my tiny dorm room kitchen, going on walks with my friends at BCM, and simply reaching out to those who need a little encouragement. In addition to all of this, I enjoy learning and can’t wait to see what I will learn with Keller Williams.