University: : Smith College
Current City: : Massachusetts

Cassandra Arnemann is a Marketing Intern & Japanese Language Specialist KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently a rising year at Smith College, majoring in East Asian Studies with a Translation Studies Concentration. She studies the domestic politics, foreign policies, and international relations of East Asia, particularly Japan.

When not in school, Cassandra works as an endurance horseback racer and trail guide, living in places like Hokkaido, Texas, California, and New York. Her favorite mileage is 30-40 (5-6 hours) but would like to work up to 100 miles in the near future. At Smith, she works as a campus tour guide and in ITS as classroom support. After she graduates, she intends to move to Kyoto and work in the tourism industry, using skills learned here at KW for her employer.

At school, she plays ultimate frisbee and volleyball. When she travels, she loves to drop in on local pick-up games. When she visits her friends at other colleges, she loves to stop at every scenic viewpoint on the way with her car, Penny the Prius—which gets washed regularly. Cassandra also enjoys cutting her friends’ hair, painting their nails, and spending hours at the Yankee Candle Factory.

Cassandra is really passionate about access to clean water. Because she sometimes works on dude ranches alongside white-water rafters, the topic of water filters and clean drinking water comes up often. One inspirational co-worker is involved with Waves for Water. Cassandra looks forward to the day when she can also be a courier to places without access to clean water.