Jun Yong Lee is a Marketing Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. He is currently pursuing his B.S. in Real Estate and Economics at Babson College. He expects to graduate in Spring 2021.

At Babson College, Jun Yong founded multiple startups such as NetsEat, a college campus oriented food delivery service, and My Babson Designs, a student-run design consulting service creating logos, posters, and various artworks for businesses and nonprofits. Moreover, he took a leave of absence after his second year to venture in his own business called Dayday Cup which imported disposable cups from China and sold it in South Korea through an e-commerce platform called Coupang. Throughout the experiences, Jun Yong gained much experience in leading and working with others along with driving strategic planning to generate positive results.

Jun Yong participated in volunteer experience throughout the years, visiting children with disabilities centers including South Korea, Philippines, and Tanzania. His network and involvement with the volunteering opportunities bolstered growth and perpetuated the desire to serve others, especially those in need of help.

In his free time, he loves to drive and travel. Recently, he went on a three week road trip from Boston through the eastern parts of Canada and to Chicago and Minnesota. The long driving relieves stress and gives a lot of time to reflect and think. He also enjoys playing basketball with his friends as well as watching the NBA and UFC.

After graduating, he would like to work in the real estate industry in the US and acquire his MBA in real estate development.