Sari Raizner is a Marketing Intern specializing in the fitness industry for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently a rising junior at Tulane University, majoring in finance and management. She is expected to graduate in May 2022 and anticipates entering the real estate industry. 

Sari is from Houston, Texas and graduated from The Kinkaid School in 2018, where she then entered her first semester of college on a study abroad program in Rome, Italy at John Cabot University. While in Rome Sari diversified her understanding of other cultures, people, and explored Europe. This taught her interpersonal skills and how to interact with diverse groups of people. 

Sari has past experience as a retail intern at Elaine Turner where she created Excel worksheets to track transaction data which management used to inform decisions about sales goals. This experience paired with Excel courses during her time at Tulane gives her a great understanding and competency with Excel.  Sari studied the violin and dance for 14 years and was a choreographer for the Kinkaid Dance Company in high school where she taught and choreographed dances in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary.  Sari also created and arranged a performance program for patients at The Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas, where she performed solo violin and violin/piano duets in the hospital lobby and organized rehearsals, selected pieces, and defined the concert order. 

Sari is also involved in community service including serving in a student ambassador program for the Holocaust Museum in Houston, where she participated in discussions about the dangers of hate, prejudice, and apathy in our society. She also tutored middle school students through KIPP Academy Tutoring. 

Sari is devoted to fitness and tends to workout in her free time during the day to keep a clear head. She loves to start the day with a workout to get energized and motivated for the day. She is always looking for new workouts, new classes, and extending her fitness goals. 

Sari is extremely sociable and loves to connect with and meet new people, making the real estate industry one of her top career choices. Her uncle and grandfather serve as mentors as they have owned and managed a commercial real estate development and management company for decades. Though Sari has not had previous experience in the marketing or real estate industry, she intends to use this internship to learn, gain experience, connect, and explore the real estate industry as a career option.