LinkedIn Profile:
University: : Tulane University
Current City: : New Orleans

Suzy is a Marketing Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. As an undergraduate student, Suzy is pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Tulane University, and she will be graduating in May of 2021.

Suzy is currently an Administrative Aide and Social Media Intern at Tulane Pre-College Program. There she studies design graphics, caption creating, and social media analysis. Suzy manages the social media accounts, and answers phone calls and emails from parents to help them in the application process for the program.

During her summer in Vietnam, she volunteered as a Teaching Assistant for the Education Center of Children with Disabilities. Through her experience, she learned to communicate in sign language and also guided the students to do handcrafted jewelry as an after school activities for them. She got to experience a different type of language that helped her to see the students’ perspective and understand them a little more.

At Tulane, she is involved with Tulane University Vietnamese Association, Tulane for UNICEF, and Global Ambassador where she got to meet many different people from variety of backgrounds. She joined these student organizations to find her culture or community, but in the end, she found family in her group of friends through these organizations. Being in these student organizations helped her to build leadership as well as public speaking skills.

During her free time, Suzy likes to watch dramas and listen to true crime. She enjoys listening to podcasts about truecrime  and watching dramas that are either extremely funny or extremely sad. During the quarantine period, she got to master lots of different foods since she had so much free time to cook. She also loves to do DIY projects and handcrafted jewelry.