Diane Alvarez is a Graphic Design Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. Diane is currently a rising junior at Smith College, double majoring in Engineering and Architecture. Diane enjoys learning about forming communities that incorporate energy saving infrastructures and aesthetics that fit the environment. Diane is a first generation student from Los Angeles, California and identifies as Mexican-Guatemalan. 

At school, she is in the works of creating a new organization focused on Architecture. Diane is really passionate about architecture and hopes in creating a platform for the current architecture majors at Smith College to find resources to get jobs or assistance when going to graduate school. Diane is an undergraduate research assistant at Smith College learning about ways to increase STEM identity in middle school students in Springfield, Massachusetts. She also volunteers at Holyoke STEM Academy in Holyoke, Massachusetts. She finds it very rewarding seeing students of color being interested in STEM and she also finds it rewarding that students of color see her as a role model for pursuing a career in STEM.  

Outside of school, Diane likes trying new things and is always picking up new hobbies. She likes staying active and over the summer she runs 5k everyday. She hopes to run a marathon and beat her time for when she completed running a marathon in eighth grade. Diane also enjoys art and loves drawings and painting. Whenever she has the opportunity she likes going to art exhibitions that focus on Latin America or Modernism. 

Diane is well versed in software programs such as Adobe Creative Suite, Rhino 6, and Microsoft Office. In her free time Diane likes learning new tricks on Photoshop in order to try new techniques. She is also focused on creating a portfolio with all her previous works in architecture. She is fluent in Spanish and enjoys reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ books. 

In the future Diane plans on going to grad school after graduating Smith College. Diane hopes to get my Masters in Architecture and work on getting my license right after. Diane plans on living in the Boston area or in Los Angeles, CA.