LinkedIn Profile:
University: : University of Virginia
Current City: : Raleigh, NC

       My name is Catelyn and I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Architecture from the University of Virginia with an intended minor in Global Sustainability. I am a Graphic Design Intern on the Media Team for Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate and Russell Bernstein CBI Business Broker. I am a rising third-year at UVA and I one day hope to work in an architecture firm and contribute to the design of spaces that are healthy, environmentally sustainable, and functional as well as aesthetically beautiful. I am also passionate about historic preservation and how the histories of buildings and cities must be not only preserved but also respected by the modern designs that are built in addition to these sites. 

       In my free time, I enjoy playing classical and contemporary music on the piano. In addition to music, I love to read, especially historical fiction and philosophical books. My favorite authors at the moment are C.S. Lewis and Ruta Stephys. I think that learning about the past teaches so many incredible and important lessons about how people should live their lives today. 

       I also love to paint and draw, my favorite mediums being watercolors and acrylic paint. My favorite things to paint are buildings and people. I enjoy painting realistic images from a reference but adding my own spin on it. Growing up as an artist, the visual world has a large impact on how I perceive and interpret what is around me. These interests are what ignites my passion for design in its many forms. 

      At UVA, I volunteer at the SPCA and socialize rescued dogs and cats so that they can be fostered and one day find a loving and safe home. I love animals and want to contribute to making the world a safer place for them in whatever way that I can. This is related to my care for the environment and sustainable design. I believe that there is so much positive impact that the creation of thoughtful design has on our world. 

       In addition to volunteering, I also work at the UVA Engagement Office in the department of Parent and Alumni Travel. My duties consist of creating spreadsheets, flyers, mail campaigns, as well as assisting with press releases and communications related to the marketing of the programs that the department sponsors and organizes. This job sparked my interest in graphic design and marketing. I find it interesting how marketing takes into consideration the ideas that need to be communicated and utilizes design principles to make those ideas not only aesthetically pleasing but also more understandable and personal. These lessons can be translated into all aspects of design. I am excited to learn where my experience as an intern with Keller Williams will take me next in my journey.