LinkedIn Profile:
University: : Davidson College
Current City: : Atlanta, GA

Emily Ezell is a Graphic Design Intern at KW Commercial with Russell Bernstein. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Emily is a rising sophomore at Davidson College in North Carolina. Although she has yet to declare a major at the small liberal arts school, Emily intends on double majoring in economics and studio art. She hopes to bring her passion for graphic design and enthusiasm for creative collaboration to not only the Media Team but also to the internship program as a whole. 

Throughout her academic career, Emily has taken a variety of studio art and design classes in which she has developed her skills and sharpened her talents. Her outstanding work in these classes led teachers, administrative staff, parent organizations, and clubs to ask Emily to design their promotional materials. Such materials include t-shirt designs for the annual fall festival at her high school, programs for her graduation, flyers for a student-curated art exhibit, and posters for a variety of clubs. From course assignments to club activities, Emily actively seeks opportunities to demonstrate her capabilities in both art and design. 

In her free time, Emily clears her head through exercise and crafting. Emily loves the Atlanta Beltline, a pedestrian trail built on the path of the old railroad tracks. She takes advantage of her proximity to the Beltline by walking, running, biking, and rollerblading on the trails. In the spring, Emily plays on a club softball team. She bounces between second base and various outfield positions. Her enthusiasm and experience help lead her team to victory, winning the league’s championship three times. 

When the unbearable rain, humidity, and heat prevent Emily from enjoying the outdoors, she dedicates her downtime to arts and crafts. She applies her experience with the Adobe Creative Suite to reinterpret images from her camera roll and later creates paintings the edited and abstracted images. Recently, Emily has picked up embroidery and is learning about different techniques and styles. 

As she progresses through college, Emily hopes to involve herself with additional design and communication experiences.  Emily looks forward to her time interning with KW Commercial and Russell Bernstein. KW Commercial’s graphic design internship will help her grow as a communicator and allow her to contribute her unique assets to a team. She is excited about the opportunity to work creatively and critically as a summer intern and to bring her talents and work ethic to the internship.