LinkedIn Profile:
University: : Davidson College
Current City: : Davidson, NC

Laya is an Entrepreneurship Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. As a recent graduate of Davidson College in German Studies, Laya is searching for a job that combines their love of the German language with public service. They hope to eventually move to Berlin. 

Specific to public service, they were a Bonner Scholar during their time as an undergraduate, meaning that they committed over ten hours a week every week to public service. They have worked with legal aid at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy, as an intern at Davidson Lands Conservancy in their college town, and as a tutor at the local Ada Jenkins center. 

Laya has worked as a language TA at their college. They have been a clerk at the Goethe Center of Atlanta. They also worked as a Technology and Innovation fellow at Davidson college. They also spent a summer in China, doing clerical support for an aging research company, and another summer as a kindergarten teacher.

They swam on their high school varsity team and ran track and cross country. They no longer play any sports competitively. However, they enjoy skateboarding, badminton, and swimming recreationally. 

Their hobbies include reading Black feminist texts, spending time with friends, thrifting, cooking, and sometimes watching reality TV. They especially like Season 8 of MTV’s Are You The One?