Brick Ingle is a Marketing Intern & German Language Specialist at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. He is also an 8th-semester senior at Hampden-Sydney College where he is finishing his undergraduate studies in the fields of History and German.

Brick's focus has been on German literature and history from 1870-1933, but he also enjoys the classics and considers himself an amateur classicist. Brick has also pursued a minor in Music and sings in the Hampden-Sydney Choir, plays clarinet in the Longwood Wind Symphony, and he practicpr piano in his free time. 

Through his studies in History and German, Brick has gained a sincere appreciation for the complexity and connectedness of the modern world. He even had the wonderful opportunity to complete a 6-month study abroad trip in the last year, during which he formed connections with people from all over Europe, conducted archival research for his honors thesis project, and explored German culture and history through first-hand experience.

After College, Brick is looking to take some time off from academia to experience the working world and is excited to begin working in an international business context with Russell Bernstein in a position that will allow him to continue using his German language skills.