University: : Bay Path University
Current City: : Charlotte, NC

Eloísa is a Marketing Intern & Spanish Language Specialist at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Marketing Management at Bay Path University. She is expected to graduate in July 2021. 

Eloísa was born in Valladolid, Spain. She lived in different cities from Spain, Germany, Canada, and the USA. She enrolled at Seneca College (Toronto) in 2014 for its Business program and for the flexibility that they gave her to finish her studies abroad. Since then, Eloísa has developed a strong interest in the field of digital marketing, that led her to continue studying and improving in this area. She plans to use her intercultural experience and the languages that she speaks (Spanish, English, German), to learn and teach to market products from a multicultural point of view.

Before interning with Russell, Eloisa had an extensive work experience as a tutor for Spanish, event hostess, and as entrepreneur. She was co-founder and instructor of a bilingual art studio for children in Charlotte, NC.

Eloísa is also a volunteer at El Puente Hispano, a non-profit association from Concord, NC. She tutors children from low-income Hispanic families. Eloísa loves to learn new languages and face new challenges. For this internship, she is looking forward to getting experience in the field of marketing and in the American market, as well as contributing with her skills and experience.

Eloísa has many interests. She loves books, music, movies, and watching all kind of sports. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her family and/or friends, running, and spending quality time with her husband and two children.