University: : Johns Hopkins University
Current City: : D.C.

Sophia Wu is a Valuation Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Finance at Johns Hopkins University, and she is expected to graduate in July, 2020.

Sophia has had 2 year-long research experiences. She led 2 projects about impact of new supply chain models and impact of high-speed ways on tourism. During her research, she did field studies, collected data by designing questionnaires, and did PCA analysis using SPSS. 

Before joining KW Commercial, Sophia spent 2 years as a teaching assistant. She was also a volunteer at a local children's library to help librarians with staying organized and with shelving books. She has also tutored students in Chinese in Laos. She is always keep passion about new things.

Sophia is always willing to take on challenges, and she is a self-starter. As the research leader, she scheduled tasks for team members and completed tasks ahead of time. Both projects succeeded to passing each monthly check from professors. And she welcomes different ideas and advice. Discussing is a good way to learn things.

Apart from work experience, Sophia learnt several finance related courses, such as Computational Finance, Accounting, Corporate Finance and Statistics. In addition, she majored in Finance in undergraduate study and got Bachelor of Economic. Now, she is a graduate student at JHU, majoring in Finance (Econometrics).