LinkedIn Profile:
University: : American University
Current City: : Washington, D.C.

Jingjing Mo is a recent Master of Finance graduate from American University. She is a Valuation Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. 

Through Jingjing’s undergraduate emphasis field in Business administration at the University of Missouri-Columbia, she has learned the Knowledge of business development and strategic management. Besides, her varied work experiences, ranging from lobby manager intern to evaluation manager intern, have helped her become proficient in dealing with different tasks. 

As a Kogod School of Business graduate teaching assistant evaluating students’ reports and homework, she has strengthened communication skills and multitasking. As a credit manager intern for Changjiang Securities Company Limited in Wuhan, China, she has assisted the manager to conduct the industry research in Home appliances which helps her to gain experience in how to conduct the market industry/market research. More importantly, most of her past working experiences were in China, and which may help Jingjing to become a quick learner. 

Through her master’s course, financial modeling, she has valuating of 4 different public and private companies by analyzing the financial statements. Through coursework, Entrepreneurial finance, she has completed 5 teamwork projects about different valuation methods of the start-up companies, created the sample term sheet, conducted due diligence processes for start-ups. Through course, private equity, she has learned valuation methods for private companies. Also, she had done 2 projects associated with private equity by discussing merger and acquisition case study and reviewing the business valuation checklist.

For personal life, she likes traveling because she enjoys learning and exploring new things. She can speak fluent Mandarin and English, she is currently learning Korean as a hobby and she has advanced listening skills in Korean. Different cultures are very attracted to her. And she enjoys making new friends and working with people. Her motto is  “a sense of responsibility of talent is a person of respect”.