LinkedIn Profile:
University: : Drexel University
Current City: : Honey Brook

Kevin is a Valuation Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Berstein, CBI. He is currently a Sophomore at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania pursuing majors in Finance and Business Analytics. He is also a part of Drexel’s Pennoni Honors College. 

Before interning with Russell, Kevin participated in the STAR Scholars Program hosted by Drexel University, an undergraduate research program for Freshmen only. During the 3 months of research, he focused on boards of directors’ incentives (cash, stock, options) impact on the likelihood of firms undergoing mergers or acquisitions. He examined over 36K public filings collecting over a quarter million directors and their respective compensation. None of this would have been possible in this short amount of time without the Python algorithm he built to automate the process of data collection saving over 200 hours of research. Through this experience, Kevin was able to gain insight into a specific field and present his findings to the university at the STAR Scholars Conference.
Kevin is also a dedicated volunteer through Drexel Community Scholar because he loves to give back to his community and help wherever possible. With the program, he selected to partner with Beat the Streets Philadelphia to tutor students that come from families at risk or underserved communities. He specifically chose Beat the Streets as it resonates with his past and the help he had received from his community, especially with English being his second language. At Beat the Streets Philadelphia, Kevin and his fellow mentors help students with their homework, college preparation, and career selection. The family and support the organization and mentors have built created positive life trajectories sending many students to college when those opportunities had seemed unreachable for some students.
Sports and activities have always been a part of Kevin’s life. He is a member of Drexel’s Table Tennis Club and Drexel’s Badminton Club. Not only does he love racket sports he also enjoys frequent pickup basketball games with friends. He does not shy away from competition as it is a way for him to improve and learn from someone who is more experienced. Additionally, he enjoys frequent training classes at the gym such as body combat, a high energy martial arts-inspired workout without contact, and body pump, a fast-paced lightweight but high repetition workout designed for toning.
Kevin loves to make an impact on campus, and that’s why he is the Director of Programming for Drexel’s The Good Idea Fund (TGIF). TGIF is a student lead event planning organization that has over 100K in funds to help itself plan for events on campus or fund other organizations with successful applications. The organization has brought hundreds of events on campus creating a diverse culture for students to enjoy. Some events include Vietnamese Culture Show, a Drag Show, carnivals, dance performances, speakers, and much more. An undergraduate experience is only a one-time event in life, and Kevin aims to make the most of it by leading the events for other students.
In the future, Kevin plans to either pursue a career in asset management, banking, or private equity. Though he has a history of financial knowledge, he knows there is much more to learn. He hopes to leverage this Valuation Internship with Russell Bernstein to learn more about valuation and the entire business process from operations to financials. Kevin strives to succeed in whatever he pursues with diligence and integrity, and desires to continue that mindset with the team here.