University: : Lehigh University
Current City: : Bethlehem

Linh Phung is a rising senior from Lehigh University, with a major in Finance and double minor in Information Systems and German. Whenever she has free time, she likes playing her ukulele or binge-watching her favorite Netflix shows. Now, she is a valuation intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI.

Linh took a few courses related to valuation and financial management and from then developed an interest. She likes anything that provokes her critical thinking skills. She also has past experiences doing research and analyzing potential pitch decks, this has greatly honed her meticulousness and attention to detail. Linh is proficient in advanced Excel and SQL and hopes to learn more computer languages in the future.

Prior to joining KW Commercial, Linh had past experiences being in Venture Capital. The entrepreneurial environment has motivated her to find similar environments to grow and mature as a business person and also to broaden her learning curves with different aspects and fields. At school, she is involved in helping the admission office interview incoming students and assisting accepted freshmen with their transitions to college. Besides extracurricular activities, Linh spends time studying and hanging out with her friends.

As a quick learner and team player, Linh likes to interact with different people coming from different backgrounds because she believes just having plain conversations with many people will teach her more or less about anything. Her result-driven personality has made her become a perfectionist who will not stop until she is satisfied with the work.