University: : Pomona College
Current City: : Newport Beach, CA

John is a current Valuation Intern and former Sales Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. He is pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics at Pomona College and is expected to graduate in June 2023.

John has a deep background with sports and the outdoors such as basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, skiing, lacrosse, and boating. He has been a part of the varsity basketball team in both high school and college. He plans to join a few business groups at the start of his next year in college.

He is planning to obtain a California Real Estate Sales License within the next few years. He is interested in commercial property ownership and mortgage lending. He frequently converses with property owners and house flippers about their experiences in this business.

Also, John strives to contribute to the wellbeing of his community. He worked in a group called Sage Prosthetics which used 3D printers to construct prosthetics for people in need. He participated in the Unicef Club in high school as well as a frequent meeting group called Hearts and Hands. He plans to help a few friends with a community gardening project as well.

John has many academic and active interests and is always willing to learn more. He spends a lot of his free time being around friends and family, playing basketball, listening to audiobooks, and traveling. </p>