LinkedIn Profile:
University: : Coastal Carolina
Current City: : Savannah

Leah is a Public Relations intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. Leah received her Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Coastal Carolina where she focus on environmental degradation in low income communities.

Driven by her belief in community resilience, Leah views her PR work as an opportunity to engage businesses and citizens in the important conversations that lead to positive mutual growth. Leah has hands on experience in managing meaningful and at times, difficult situations. Graduating from Syracuse as captain of the volleyball team with a communications degree in just three years, she’s equipped with the knowledge and practice in being an effective communicator. Outside of school, Leah is no stranger to working with diverse communities, having lived in multiple cites on either US coasts and abroad.

Before interning with Russell, Leah completed a contract with Solid Ground, a non profit that offers support and skills building resource for those in vulnerable situations. In her position as a  Community and Youth Education Coordinator, Leah organized, hosted, and in many cases taught low income families, children, and adults; nutrition, cooking, and budgeting skills that they could use to live healthier lives. In 2018, Leah served as an United Nations Youth Corp intern, working directly with the Georgetown County Parks and Recs Department, to encourage community environmental engagement amongst urban and rural community members. Simultaneously, she collaborated with church leaders in Plantersville, SC to open a community garden in an area lacking access to fresh and nutritious food. Before graduating from Syracuse in 2017, Leah dedicated Wednesday afternoons to serving Syrian refugees as an English tutor, her Friday evenings volunteering for an after-school youth mentorship program; and her weekends exploring the city and the people who constitute it.

As someone who spends much of their time volunteering to serve the needs of others, Leah has been searching for a way to do so in a professional capacity. She believes in the power of community and hopes to build a stronger community through her work. In the future, Leah aims to pursue a career as an Air-Force pilot and hopes to translate what she learns in this internship into her future role as an Air-Force officer.