LinkedIn Profile:
University: : University of California, Davis
Current City: : Diamond Bar

Casey Mach is an HR Intern for the Management team at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Managerial Economics and a minor in Technology Management from the University of California, Davis. Casey expects to graduate in June of 2022.

Throughout the first two years of her undergraduate career, Casey has taken only a few business-related courses, which include Financial and Managerial Accounting, as well as Theory of Micro and Macro Economics. However, as she begins her 3rd year in Fall, she will continue to take on courses in Business Statistics, Management of Information Technology, and more in-depth classes in Economics. Due to her passion for employee engagement, event management, and organizational development, Casey seeks for opportunities in Human Resources Recruitment and Management and ultimately hopes to acquire a full-time career as an HR Manager. Within the last two years, Casey has dedicated many hours working in customer service as a Brand Representative at Hollister Co., and a previous team member for the UC Davis Coffee House. As she continues working part-time jobs, Casey is excited to be focusing on her career path in the Human Resources field for KW Commercial.

On top of her academic and work accomplishments, Casey is also the current President of an international philanthropic organization, alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority Inc. Her main responsibilities for the sorority are to administer weekly meetings, coordinate with all organizational members to recruit potential members, and spearhead in-house workshops. Casey enjoys her job as President because she feels she is able to develop organization influence and growth, while learning new methods to improve on her leadership and communication skills. Beyond her responsibilities as President, Casey also participates in monthly community service events, sisterhood gatherings, and annual conferences with 60 other chapters throughout the nation.

Before she attended college, Casey danced for 5 years and competed on her high school tennis team for 4 years. During her dance career, she performed in annual dance recitals for jazz, ballet, and hip-hop. She would have continued dancing, however, she did not have time for both dance and tennis in high school. Therefore, Casey joined the JV Tennis team, and later in her junior year of high school, advanced to the Varsity Tennis team. Today, she continues to play tennis with her previous tennis team friends for fun.

In her free time, Casey enjoys spending time with her friends and family, re-watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix, exercising, and going on spontaneous adventures. Moreover, she has recently discovered new hiking trails to explore with her friends. All in all, Casey hopes to have a productive summer working out, spending quality time with friends and family, and continuing her research in HR careers and internships, while interning for KW Commercial.