Naomi Beirne is a Marketing Intern & Japanese Language Specialist at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently a student at San Jose State University, studying Japanese and Public Health. 

Naomi's focus on studying Japanese stems from her cultural heritage (born to a Japanese mother and Irish-American father), and she aims to be involved in the Japanese American communities that she lives in. Her studies in Japanese and Public Health have piqued her curiosity into the intersection of private and public sector in international context.

Naomi is involved as a student research assistant at her university on projects pertaining to ESL education. Outside of classes, Naomi is a leader in a cultural student organization in which she manages social media and marketing; making content in both English and Japanese. She hopes to continue utilizing these experiences to create marketing content that appeals to international audiences.

In her free time, Naomi likes to learn new languages; she can hold conversations in Spanish and ASL. She has recently started coding in Python, and she hopes to pick up other programming languages.

Spending time in the kitchen relieves stress for Naomi, helps her connect with her roots by making traditional Japanese food and with her creativity with experimental baking projects (she has been through a pie phase, coffee phase, and currently on a pearl milk tea phase).

Naomi can also be found volunteering at local comic and anime conventions that she has been attending for more than 10 years.