LinkedIn Profile:
University: : University of California, Davis
Current City: : Berkeley, CA

Jeanette Leech is a Graphic Design Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. Jeanette graduated from the University of California, Davis in June 2020 with a double major in Art Studio and Cinema & Digital Media. Jeanette loves to learn about how to create art with a purpose that helps communities. She is passionate about all forms of media – analyzing, interpreting, creating, and distributing - and wants to be involved in multimedia marketing.

As a student, Jeanette has completed studio courses in drawing, painting, printmaking, video and filmmaking, several courses in art history, one in digital media computation, and many courses in cinema history. She has also taken classes in a broad range of other subjects, including history, geology, nutrition, hydrology, and climate change. Jeanette received a Departmental Citation and Citation for Outstanding Performance in Art Studio.

Jeanette worked as an intern with the Davis Feminist Film Festival where she was part of the curation, audience engagement, and graphic design teams. Her responsibilities included reviewing and evaluating around 800 short films with her teammates and curating a line-up of around 80 films. With the audience engagement team, she assisted in crafting a social media presence that allowed live online interaction with the audience, replacing the in-theater experience during the pandemic. As the chair of the graphic design team, she personally designed many of the festival’s flyers and graphic images that appear on a variety of social media sites such as Eventbrite, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This internship heightened her passion for social justice and equitable practices in creating and sharing media which she hopes to carry on in her professional life. 

As a volunteer at the Davis Arts Center’s summer arts camp, Jeanette assisted in teaching arts and crafts to children from ages 4-13 and cataloging their work. As a volunteer at the Pence Gallery, she assisted visitors in their experience of art exhibits by sharing information on the works and helped support local artists and craftspeople by selling their work at the gallery. These experiences have inspired Jeanette to continue pursuing a career in museum and gallery curation and obtain a teaching credential in the future to teach art to high schoolers.  

Jeanette’s hobbies include swimming, hiking, and ceramics which she wants to improve her skills in. She is experienced with programs like Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office. Jeanette enjoys experimenting with animation techniques and editing videos on After Effects and Premiere Pro. She wishes to expand her artist portfolio to include diverse media and submit works to galleries in the future.