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University: : University of Northern Colorado
Current City: : Greeley

Terasa is a Human Resources Management Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. As an undergraduate student, Terasa is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in the Behavioral Sciences with a certification in Human Resources at the University of Northern Colorado, UNCO. She will be graduating in Spring 2021 and is currently focused on Talent Management. 

Prior to returning to University, Terasa spent time as an Independent English Tutor (English for Specific Purposes, ESP) in Costa Rica. After returning to the states, she decided to continue teaching as a preschool teacher at Toddler University in Virginia. Once relocated in Colorado, Terasa was an Assistant Manager of a ConAm apartment complex. She still enjoys Summers working as a leasing professional for companies in need of experienced and skilled agents through Career Strategies, Inc., Denver location. 

Terasa is a second year cohort member of the Stryker Leadership and Development program. Stryker is a participation based scholarship for underrepresented, women identified, students at UNCO that explores social justice. She attends monthly social justice workshops with Stryker sisters that explore difficult topics. These hard conversations on race, ethnicity, identity have better prepared her for the current climate of the times. Terasa celebrates diversity by sharing cultural experiences with fellow scholars and learning how to better serve and respect the community. 

Terasa was a softball player, varsity cheerleader and show choir performer in high school. Although she is not involved in any sports leagues now, she is passionate about physical fitness. She values the campus recreation center which offers group classes such as Yoga and Dance. She has recently switched from a cardio based running plan to weight lifting.

Terasa’s most active hobby is jewelry making and metalsmithing. She enjoys designing, experimenting, making and selling silver jewelry with semiprecious gemstones. While at UNCO, she is currently taking a Metal Smithing course at the University of Northern Colorado as an Art & Design minor. Terasa enjoys spending time with her Bengal cat companion, Rajária at home and engaging in multiple forms of self-care. Terasa believes in Coach Gregg Povich’s approach to team relationships, ‘He fills their cups.’ said one Spurs’ General Manager.