LinkedIn Profile:
University: : University of Southern California
Current City: : Los Angeles

Ashley is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles and is expected to graduate in May 2023. She is an Entrepreneurship Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI.

Ashley has a vast array of interests in travel, photography, food, cars, video games, and cooking.  She has also spent years training in swimming, taekwondo, boxing, and badminton.  Later in university, she took her interests in sports further by exploring other sports such as archery and volleyball.  These sports shaped her persistence, teamwork abilities, and leadership.

In the remainder of her college years, Ashley is planning to travel to at least one new country every year.  She plans on exploring the world to learn about interesting cultures and meet amazing people.  Ashley has met many talented individuals in her past travels, and still frequently converses with them to this day.

Ashley is a passionate adventurist that loves exploration and new ventures. During the course of her academic career, she has reached out and had deep talks with venture capitalists, social media directors, entrepreneurs, and fashion designers.  The experience that she gained from mentorship and internship opportunities taught her to step out of her comfort zone and build her own ventures.  As a motivated, self-directed person, Ashley has decided to eventually create her own business instead of joining a specific industry. 

Ashley also has many academic and extracurricular interests, and she is always on the lookout for new things to learn.  In her spare time, Ashley likes to explore authentic foods and documenting her food journeys on her social media.