LinkedIn Profile:
University: : University of Kentucky
Current City: : Lexington

Lauren Kohlbrand is a Marketing Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is a Senior in college getting a dual degree in Marketing and Management at the University of Kentucky. She expects to graduate in Spring 2021 and enter into commercial real estate.

Lauren was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and lives in Northern Kentucky. She spent her high school years on the Track & Field team and began working on her college education during her senior year of high school. This opportunity gave her a strong work ethic and a drive to get a head start on her life.

While at UK, Lauren became involved in a commercial real-estate workshop that started her ambition to get involved in the industry. She gained real-world knowledge and created her own sales pitch to a panel of professionals. This workshop gave her leadership ability and public speaking skills which created valuable connections that will benefit her throughout her career. She spent a lot of time volunteering with her sorority helping others in her community which gave her important soft skills and professionalism. Lauren was also involved in the American Marketing Association which increased her knowledge about the marketing industry from professionals who have succeeded. This showed her the importance of critical thinking, problem solving, and time management.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, cooking, and painting. Her dream is to live near a beach and surf every morning. Lauren's divergent thinking and creativity has opened her mind to many career paths, and she is excited to gain more knowledge and experience working with KW Commercial.