University: : Baldwin Wallace University
Current City: : Cleveland, Ohio

Jennifer Schneider is a Marketing Intern & Japanese Language Specialist at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently studying at Baldwin Wallace University in Cleveland, Ohio. Her major is International Business and is also minoring in Marketing.

In 2017, Jennifer took the opportunity to study abroad in Osaka, Japan for four months, and she considers the country her "home away from home." Jennifer has always been interested in the Japanese culture, which derives from her playing video games growing up, watching Japanese movies and TV shows, and listening to music from Asia. She studied Japanese for two years at Valparaiso University in Indiana (an hour away from Chicago) before she transferred to Baldwin Wallace, which was closer to home.

Jennifer has worked at OfficeMax and at Bath & Body Works, where she developed skills in sales. Before entering the retail industry, she also worked at two local restaurants in Cleveland, introducing herself to customer service.

Outside of work and school, Jennifer can be found reading, playing video games, writing random stories and poems, studying Japanese, talking to her cats and dogs, and planning her next trip, as she loves traveling.

There are many places that Jennifer has volunteered at, which include helping with dinner events at various churches in northeast Ohio, along with being a volunteer at the Porter County Animal Shelter in Valparaiso, Indiana.