LinkedIn Profile:
University: : George Mason University
Current City: : Centreville, Virginia

Arya Rashidian was a Sales Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI and Business Broker. He graduated from George Mason University, in Fairfax, Virginia, in Spring 2020. Arya majored in Criminology, Law, and Society with a minor in Intelligence Analysis. He graduated from Centreville High School in the summer of 2018 with an Advanced Diploma with honors. His true passion comes from taking a stance on decisive issues on the world stage.

Throughout his tenure as a Sales Intern, Arya was a highly-motivated sales/customer representative who enjoyed stepping out of his comfort zone. He would move decisively into new situation, such as, navigating complicated conversations with potential clients who were interested in selling their businesses, and able to help establish partnerships between Russell and potential referral partners. Arya's love for business and building those relationships is the reason he excelled in his role. Currently, Arya runs his own tutoring company TutorDudes, a educational technology company, which provides any subject tutoring, test prep services, and educational games to students struggling in foundational concepts, Mathematics and Science. 

Arya chose his major because of his love in building personal relationships and facilitating research in Criminal Justice and Law. Through studying Criminology, Law, and Society, he is better prepared to generate research about public policy and reforming the current Criminal Justice process. Through his study, this allowed him to apply his academic expertise to crime and justice problems to become a better leader. He is currently pursuing a Master Degree in Political Science. He is hoping to take a decisive stance on complicated issues involving law, criminal justice, international relations, and higher education.

In his free time, Arya reads history, Criminal Justice, human rights, sales, real estate, and the stock market. Moreover, he has amassed a large amount of knowledge about building and maintaining relationships with top CEOs in his area. He makes monthly notes based on what he's read throughout the week. Arya effectively utilizes this skill to become a more effective communicator and a practitioner of social arbitrage. Using his skills, he became a two-term Mason Senator, and founded his own university club: Patriots of Persia, a non-exclusive student organization focused on the socio-political aspects of Iran at Mason and lending financial assistance to the poverty-stricken people residing in southeast Iran and he did all within his second semester at Mason.

Lastly, Arya is a problem-solver. He has learned to cultivate his mindset towards solutions through actively listening and asking questions. His quick, "how I can help" attitude has gone a long way for him building an array of connections that he happily shares with others. He is considerate, passionate, generous to all who meet him.