University: : Baker College
Current City: : Amman

Edlira Marzolo is a Management Intern & Human Resources Specialist at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently completing her second degree in Human Resource Management at Baker College Online where she will obtain a bachelor’s and MBA with focus on Human Resources. She has studied Political Science and International Relations at Coastal Carolina University and the University of South Carolina. She is a management professional with extensive experience in restaurant and hotel management, speaks English, Albanian, and Greek, and plans on transferring her love of working with people into a career in HR.

Edlira's goal is to have a positive impact on people, and she has spent the last 4 years living abroad and volunteering with various organizations that focus on children’s welfare and women’s empowerment. She was born in Albania and has lived in 5 different countries before moving to Jordan, Amman where she is learning Arabic and continuing her education.

Edlira's personal interests include travelling, reading (mainly psychological mystery and management books), learning new languages and spending quality time with family and friends.