University: : Johns Hopkins University
Current City: : Washington D.C.

Yitian "Nicole" Zhen is a Valuation Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently pursuing her Masters of Science in Finance at Johns Hopkins University, and she is expected to graduate in July, 2020.

Nicole has had three internship experiences in the Financial Industry before joining KW Commercial. She used to responsible for analyzing financial statements, especially on profitability performance analysis. In addition, she estimated free cash flow and constructed DCF Model to value the intrinsic value of the target business projects. These experiences have built her solid skills in financial statement analysis and valuation modelling, enhancing the understanding in both statistics and the economy.

Nicole has taken several courses related to Valuations, such as Corporate Finance and Financial Modelling and Valuation. She has also mastered using MATLAB to do data analysis and build pricing models. During past 3 months, Nicole has finished one investment valuation case competition and one business strategy advisory project which helped a real estate company to plan new property developments.

Nicole is passionate about valuations and business solutions. She is a quick leaner, self-starter and a responsive person with both ethics and diligence. She enjoys solving challenging problems by researching and analyzing with critical thinking.

Nicole is eager to learn new things, and she has also developed a smart phone application and financed about $15,000 dollars from innovation competitions. In addition, she advocates to live a healthy life and exercise. She committed to exercise two hours a day.