LinkedIn Profile:
University: : Arizona State
Current City: : Tempe, AZ

Niko is a website technology consultant intern at KW Commercial with Russell Bernstein. He is pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Information Systems at Arizona State University with an expected graduation date of May 2021.

Niko has a particular interest in cybersecurity, always learning about how information and systems can be compromised. In his free time he enjoys participating in online CTF (capture the flag) challenges to keep his skills sharp and to learn more about information security. Despite the challenge, he enjoys cybersecurity work because those “eureka!” moments are accompanied with a strong sense of accomplishment. For him there is no better feeling than knowing that he has potentially saved a company from a security breach, which can become incredibly costly. The obstacles in security are fun for Niko, feeding his self-starting personality and allowing him to understand concepts with a hands-on approach.

Before interning at KW Commercial, Niko has had an interesting past with various career and educational paths. He initially started his education as a Chemical Engineering major for almost two years. Despite enjoying the engineering work, he quickly realized that his true passion was in technology. After studying technology he grew particularly fond of the security side of things, and that passion is growing every day. Before making the transition from Chemical Engineering to Computer Information Systems, he was a full-time professional gamer for a year. In this time he travelled to multiple countries for competition, performing on stages as large as Rod Laver Arena (15,000 seats) and Qudos Bank Arena (21,000 seats). Outside of competition, he ran an esports consulting and coaching business that helped aspiring professionals achieve their goals. After much reflection, he decided to retire from esports and focus his full energy into becoming the best cybersecurity professional that he can be.

Despite the high value that Niko places on career and educational development, he has a few hobbies. His main extracurricular activities include: cooking, exercising, learning Spanish, researching nutritional studies, and studying practical philosophy. That being said, nothing is more exciting for him than travel - he enjoys experiencing new cultures and learning languages. Niko’s core drive in life to be a better person today than he was yesterday, a philosophy that keeps him motivated and engaged with life.