LinkedIn Profile:
University: : Arizona State University
Current City: : Phoenix, AZ

Savhana Garland is an Entrepreneurship Intern at KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. She is currently pursuing her B.S. in Communication and a minor in Psychology from Arizona State University. Savhana expects to graduate in December of 2020.

Throughout her time in college Savhana has worked at multiple Italian dining restaurants doing anything from managing, serving, bartending and delivery driving. She has also held positions in the office setting for a non-profit organization and a pathology lab. At her office jobs, she really enjoyed the organization and coordination. She has taken a lot of courses focusing in leadership, diversity and sustainability. Savhana hopes to start her own small business while continuing her education. 

Savhana played almost all sports when she was younger from soccer, basketball, softball and volleyball. She was also on the dance team for all 4 years in high school where she learned the importance of community and team work. She performed in annual dance shows with all types of dancing. After high school, she started a small kickball team with her friends and family where they get together weekly or monthly to have kickball tournaments. 

Savhana spent five years in Mexico growing up where she learned Spanish, and also developed a special love for the beach. When she was in high school, she often took trips to the beach and major cities like New York, Chicago and Seattle. After high school, she started traveling to other countries to learn about the culture and new places. She also enjoys long road trips with a goal of driving to every state possible one day. She enjoys reading and hiking in her spare time. She also values her time with friends and family which gives her time to take a break from reality and enjoy the company of those that she loves.