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University: : University of Tampa
Current City: : Tampa, Florida

Galab is a Valuation Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. As a graduate student, Galab is pursuing a master’s degree in Finance at Sykes College of Business, University of Tampa. He has ia penchant for financial mathematics along with programming and he wishes to work on it during his program.He is expected to graduate in the Spring of 2021. 

Mr. Bista holds interests in investment and portfolio management . He is in pursuit of getting his CFA designation besides possessing a professional working degree in Accountancy. He is currently undertaking Financial Mathematics at his University and is an avid learner. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with students who are interested in his field of study.

He has had a fair share of accounting and finance related work experience during his corporate stint at CARLSBERG, a European FMCG company. In the capacity of Finance Planning and Controller, he oversaw system, processes and controls besides periodic reporting using business intelligence tools. He is adept in business information systems tools accommodating SQL and JET report platforms. 

Galab is interested in using tools and technology to automate finance and accounting jobs. He is proficient in ERP solutions from both Microsoft and SAP and its ensuing technologies in the finance and management accounting realm. He holds an associate consulting expertise from GLOBAL SAP Enterprise.  

Currently he is pursuing a CFA charter besides an accounting certification from ICAI. He is looking forward towards a dynamic career in the finance and accounting field in the wealth and portfolio management domain. 

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University: : University of Rochester
Current City: : Rochester

Verna is a Valuation Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. As a graduate student, Verna is pursuing a Master’s degree in Finance at Simon Business School, University of Rochester, and she will be graduating in December 2020. Verna is currently in pursuit of CFA certification.

Verna is a data-driven financial analyst experienced in managing the portfolio and personal wealth, analyzing different kinds of business, interfacing with clients, and creating solutions for clients. Prior to interning with Russell, Verna worked as a financial advisor at a commercial bank, where she analyzed the client’s financial situation and helped the client build an appropriate investment portfolio given their return and risk appetite.

In addition, Verna is actively involved in student clubs. She is an Investment Analyst of a student-run fund (~200k AUM), and Finance & Investment Club. She conducted industry research in the consumer discretionary sector, collected and analyzed 10-K & 10-Q from 14 companies via Bloomberg and Capital IQ. Also, she performed the Excel valuation modeling on target companies using DCF, Residual income, and comparable analysis to generate prospective investment ideas and prepared equity research to the fund management.

At Simon Business School, Verna is currently taking some quantitative courses to strengthen her quantitative analysis skills. She is now proficient in building trading strategies and risk models using Python. To apply what she learned, she leverages Python to conduct some trading strategies by assessing the risk of stocks and to optimize her portfolios.

Outside of academic pursuits, Verna enjoys traveling around the world. Her dream destinations are Iceland and Switzerland.

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University: : Johns Hopkins University
Current City: : BALTIMORE
Vivien is a Valuation Intern for KW Commercial 889-9898 with Russell Bernstein, CBI. As a graduate student, Vivien is pursuing a master’s degree in Finance at Carey Business School, University of Johns Hopkins, and she will be graduating in Aug 2020.
Vivien is confident in tackling data and information, writing reports, and doing professional business presentations because she Majored in Business Communication and has had 3 internships in both Financial Analysis and Market Strategy. Vivien has the patent for the SVM+ model, during which she collected over 2,000 pieces of data concerning healthcare industry news from online platforms by cleaning, filtering, and labeling data and transferring news text into vectors. She modeled and analyzed news data by using an advanced SVM+ model in close collaboration with the quant team; increasing the prediction accuracy of the SVM model from 55% to greater than 70%.
Vivien enjoys teamwork and loves tackling practical problems. Before joining Russell’s team, she lead her team to develop a family farm-tour program, letting customers make orange jams themselves and using WeChat as the platform to market agricultural products, ultimately increasing profit by 40%.
Vivien loves kids and lead a volunteer English program in Shanghai during her undergraduate years. As the Program Leader, she found herself enjoying communicating with school administrators, teachers, and operating projects. She successfully managed over 40 volunteers to participate in the program, providing quality courses for children.
Besides work and study, Vivien is an energetic girl, enjoying long-distance running and dancing. She has been playing Pipa, a Chinese traditional instrument since she was 4. Vivien is passionate about her life and loves cooking and traveling.