University: : The California University of Pennsylvania
Current City: : Washington DC

Abi Muscato is a Marketing Intern and Arabic Language Specialist for Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate and Russell Bernstein CBI Business Broker. Abi graduated from the University of Tampa in 2013 with a B.S. in Criminology and Criminal Justice. In 2016 she earned an AA in Iraqi Arabic from the Defense Language University. She is currently pursuing her MA in Arabic Language and Linguistics from The California University of Pennsylvania.

While attending the California University of Pennsylvania full time and participating in this internship, Abi also works full time as a Cryptologic Engagement Officer for the DoD. Prior to her current position Abi spent 5 years in the US Army as an Arabic Language Analyst. Through this internship, Abi hopes to gain professional experience in a new field as well as practice her Arabic language skills.

Abi is the current Junior Vice Commander of her Local VFW. She enjoys spending time with fellow veterans and working to support all of the veterans within her community. Last year she led one of the fundraising drives for her chapter helping to raise money for the local military hospitality house. 

Abi’s prior experience in marketing comes from time spent working for the marketing department at Busch Gardens while in undergrad. When presented with an opportunity to intern for her current degree, she was drawn back to marketing and is curious to see how her language skills are applicable outside of the fields she has used them in before. 

In her free time Abi enjoys crocheting and sewing. It is one of Abi’s goals to someday have the majority of her clothing be handmade by her. She also enjoys taking care of her two cats and staying in shape. On the weekends you can find her and her husband at the gym, or outdoors hiking.