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Edlira Marzolo, Baker College

This internship is an innovative initiative that gives a lot of students and young professionals opportunities to network, learn, and expand their skills. During my time with Russell, I was a management intern and HR specialist, and I was given the flexibility and proper guidance to practice and implement various leadership and HR tasks that will benefit me in my professional career.

Tiannah Steele, University of Virginia

Unsure about a career, I used this internship to decide how serious I was about Real Estate. Russell's emphasis on encouragement and mutual communication in conversations revealed his passion for mentoring others. He engaged with me on an individual level, encouraging and challenging me to give and hear constructive criticism and input about my goals as well as his program.

Stuart Boggess, Loyola University New Orleans

Russell holds a high standard for commitment, but Russell is skilled at recognizing talent and finding creative ways to utilize that talent. Russell sees value in students in a way that other jobs do not, and he is generous with letting interns meaningfully contribute. My experience was fulfilling, rich with knowledgeable insight, and with a true and tangible improvement in work ability.

Caleb Dorrance, Loyola University New Orleans

I was able to grow professionally by stepping into a role that presented me with the opportunity to lead and add value to the core of the business. Yet, what sets Russell apart is his ability to build relationships through empowering others, specifically young people. This is a skill that not all people are willing to do.

Juntao He, Fordham University

Working with Russell was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I had the wonderful opportunity to work and talk directly to my boss Russell, which most of the other internships do not offer. I also gained significant leadership experience through him, and he welcomed and respected my opinions. I became more confident in voicing my opinions.

Yuliya Maslava, University of Illinois

I don’t like to be micromanaged, and I actually enjoy the freedom of achieving the desired results at my own pace. I like the Google spreadsheets concept because it allows the interns to leave comments and questions for review and to also observe what other interns are doing. The Results tab is also really helpful to keep track of the ongoing progress in the internship.

Molly Scafidi, North Texas University

This internship definitely has a good structure, and the interns are certainly taught things (sometimes from Russell, sometimes from other interns). A huge part of the internship’s value comes from Russell’s mentoring, which kind of guides our learning, but if an intern is expecting things to be handed to them in a highly laid out kind of way then the actual internship will surprise them.

Luke Tobin, Loyola University New Orleans

The program Russell has built is remarkable. I don't know how he does it, juggling family, work and a number of interns from around the world. There is something special about meeting people who have similar career interests from different parts of the world. I found this experience to be extremely interesting.

Naomi Beirne, San Jose State University

The program is ideal for individuals who are interested in working with an international team with real world time zones and cultural differences. The translation portion should have a disclaimer in that it should be less of technicality and more of cultural fluency.

Jenny Schneider, Baldwin Wallace College

I like how the internship is remote. I do not have to worry about commuting or other things related to that. This is my second remote internship, so I have gotten used to not being in a physical place.

Meghan San Gregory, Bowling Green State University

I was given a lot of responsibility - which included many kinds of roles that I did not initially feel prepared for (such as training and mentoring other interns). However, I'm grateful that I was able to get out of my comfort zone in order to better prepare myself for my future career. Russell was always ready to offer useful advice and resources that might help me with what I plan to do after graduation.

Pulkit Grover, PACE University

Russell treats interns with respect. He motivated me to work through my visa application, and I appreciated that he was able to help me overcome my own cultural challenges by not making me feel like I had to sacrifice my own culture but instead by helping me identify opportunities to adapt to cultures not yet familiar with my own.

Kenneth Stieffel, Louisiana State University

Russell exemplifies what it means to be a leader. He is the most effective communicator I have ever worked with in a team setting. Russell also adapted his leadership to my skill set and helped me identify my weaknesses. Rather than exclaiming what I was doing wrong, he had me think critically and answer questions to identify my faults on my own.

Xudan "Sherry" Zhao

Russell encouraged me to voice my own opinions in discussions, and he provided a lot of opportunities for me to communicate with other interns and to gain leadership experience. Russell’s clear and logical way of thinking and solving problems always led me to an effective and efficient direction because Russell really understands and respects different cultures.

Bryan Nguyen, NC Chapel Hill

My expectations for the internship were exceeded. I learned a lot while having a high degree of respect and independence. Russell openly welcomed my suggestions. I gained significant leadership experience and was trusted with client interaction that most other internships do not offer.